Cannot apply GPO on Windows 10

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Hello All,

Environment is : Windows Server 2008 AD & Windows 10 PC

We've deployed a user logon GPO via AD but one of Win10 user cannot applied the GPO.
We try to delete user's profile and let him re-login to auto create a new user profile, then the logon GPO can deploy successfully.
But when we restore his original files to his desktop then re-login to test GPO; It fails.
Then we think does the issue related to files permission? thus we delete + recreate the user profile again& again. And conclusion is: the GPO can deploy successfully until we do something on the C:, even if only create a new text file in his desktop, GPO will fail after relogin.

gpresult is normal, and the result of manual gpupdate same as auto deploy.

It's so strange and if anyone can provide some idea to us? Thanks so much!!!

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  1. S.Sengupta 16,006 Reputation points MVP

    10 Common Problems Causing Group Policy To Not Apply

    if the above steps do not help:

    1) Open the Registry Editor on a problematic Windows 10 machine

    2) Navigate to HKLM > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion

    3) Delete the "Group Policy" folder

    4) Reboot the machine

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  1. Thameur-BOURBITA 32,606 Reputation points

    Hi, Did you deploy the windows 10 administrative templates :

    Administrative Templates

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  2. Fan Fan 15,306 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor


    If possible , would you please tell how did you deploy the policy.
    I would like to do a test in my lab.
    If you can't find any errors in the gpresult , i would suggest you use the GPSVC log to do more research.
    For how to use the GPSVC log, you can refer to the following link:

    Best Regards,

  3. Nnnnnn 21 Reputation points

    Hello All,

    Thanks all reply! I haven't deployed the windows 10 administrative templates on DC. But other PCs in same environment is normal.

    And I found that the PC seems cannot deploy the logon script which written in .vbs file only. I tried to deploy .bat file is successful.
    I use other domain account to login that PC also work normal.

    I will try the above solution first, thanks so much for help!

  4. Nnnnnn 21 Reputation points

    Hello All,

    The GPO can deploy successfully after deleted the Group Policy registry !
    Thus, can i confirm it caused by Registry error?

    Thanks so much for all of you !!

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