Error when creating Batch Pool "The specified account has reached VM series core quota.." but quotas aren't reached

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I'm trying to setup Azure Batch in eastus using 4-exercise-create-azure-batch-job-in-cli-to-run-parallel-task

I use my private subscription, that has only 1 storage account allocated, so it's almost empty.

When I run command that creates pool, it returns success and in a minute pool becomes "steady".

az batch pool create \  
 --id mypool --vm-size Standard_A1_v2 \  
 --target-dedicated-nodes 3 \  
 --image canonical:ubuntuserver:16.04-LTS \  
 --node-agent-sku-id "batch.node.ubuntu 16.04"   

But in the portal I can see error that says: "The specified account has reached VM series core quota for standardAv2Family", and pool size is 0.

I checked my limits and quotas in subscription, it says that everything ok:
Standard Av2 Family vCPUs - East US - 0 of 10

There are number posts related to above errors, but in described cases they really reach a limit. So they resolve issue by requesting changes in quotas.

But in my case, limits are not reached.
Any ideas what's wrong? Is there any additional limits for azure batch?

PS: With D1v2 vm size result is the same. (Dv2 limit is also ok - 0 of 10).

Azure Batch
Azure Batch
An Azure service that provides cloud-scale job scheduling and compute management.
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  1. answered 2021-02-28T04:00:21.517+00:00
    Ariel Rokem 11 Reputation points

    Looks like Batch has its own set of quotas, separate from the subscription-wide quotas (that is admittedly rather confusing)

    Go to: Batch accounts => <name of batch account> => Quotas

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  2. answered 2021-03-19T10:30:54.76+00:00
    Gordon Millar 6 Reputation points

    Exactly that.. the subscription I'm testing Batch in does allow 10 dedicated vCPUs max but specifically only Dv3 series VMs. So a Batch quota constraint in my case, not a Subscription quota.


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