What's the proper way to have a CarouselView with an IndicatorView inside a RefreshView?

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According to this page:

The RefreshView is a container control that provides pull to refresh functionality to its child, provided that the child supports scrollable content. Therefore, pull to refresh is implemented for a CarouselView by setting it as the child of a RefreshView.

But, according to this page, in order to render an IndicatorView directly below the CarouselView it is recommended you use a StackLayout.

So, my question is, how is it recommended to have a CarouselView with its IndicatorView directly below it, but still within a RefreshView? So far I have this:

               <IndicatorView />  


It generally works, but has some weird issues. I'm wondering if this is the recommended way to accomplish what I want, or is there a simpler way?

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