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Replace Azure active directory domain services for on-premise server.

Hi Everyone. I have some questions about using Azure ADDS to replace on-premise server.

  • My company have 6 sites and connected to Domain Controller by VPN in main office. My manager want to using Azure ADDS services to replace DC for make sure high availability. Is it possible ? and what is pros and cons?

  • I already read and research about it. But i'm still have some concerns :

    1. What cost i need to pay for a month :

         -Azure Active Directory Domain Services ~$109.50/month/set
             -VPN Gateway type Basic for 6 sites is ~$26.28/month or $26.28/month for only 1 site.
            - Is that all costs i have to pay for using a month? Anything else ?

    2. Migration:
      - Can i migrate current users to continue log in and work without lost user profile.

  1. How can i manage computers in my domain ? And can i still using Unifi Radius with Azure ADDS?

Sorry for my English.

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