ADConnect reinstallation problem

Administrador Sistemas 1 Reputation point

Hi everybody.

Trying to start from scartch, I'd first disabled DirSync with

Set-MsolDirSyncEnabled -EnableDirsync $False

and then uninstalled ADConnect from Add/Remove programs.

My initial setup was with Hash sync and SSO.

Now, when I try to install again, I got an error telling that it's in a pending disabling state. If I check with


it's in a False state.

But PasswordSynchronizationEnabled is in true state.

At Azure portal, I can see that DirSync is not installed but Hash syn is still enabled, and SSO too. No other related is enabled.
Thanks for your help in advance.

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  1. AmanpreetSingh-MSFT 55,521 Reputation points

    Hi @Administrador Sistemas ,

    As directory synchronization isn't activated or deactivated after 72 hrs, follow these steps, and then contact Microsoft Support:

    Run below PowerShell cmdlets:

    • Connect-MSOLService
    • (Get-MSOLCompanyInformation).DirectorySynchronizationStatus

    If the output is "PendingEnabled" or "PendingDisabled" after the expected enablement time period has passed, this is a known issue with Exchange Online.
    Collect the following information from the Windows PowerShell connection:

    • Context ID: To collect the context ID, type the following cmdlet, and then press Enter:
    • Service instance: To collect the service instance, type the following cmdlet, and then press Enter:


    Please do not forget to "Accept the answer" wherever the information provided helps you to help others in the community.

  2. Rob van den Broek 91 Reputation points

    @Administrador Sistemas

    Yes, you did look at the wrong object.
    It is a known bug at Microsoft.
    After waiting for more that 72h it stills got the same problem. By the way - I made a small script that would sent me a msg when the problem was solved. Maybe you can use it to monitor the state.

    Connect-MsolService -Credential $MyCredential  
        $status = (Get-MsolCompanyInformation).directorysynchronizationstatus  
        Start-Sleep -s 300  
    } while ($status -eq "PendingDisabled")  
    $secpasswd = ConvertTo-SecureString "PASSWORD" -AsPlainText -Force  
    $cred = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential ("Loginaccount", $secpasswd)  
    Send-MailMessage -SmtpServer '' -Credential $cred -UseSsl -From 'NAME <e-mail>' -To 'NAME <e-mail>' -Subject 'Finished' -Body 'You can start installing again'  

    In my case after 72h the problem was not solved. I needed to create a ticked at Microsoft. The problem then was solved within an hour and the script did sent me a mail.
    They told me it was a known bug.
    I hope this will help you.


  3. Manu Philip 14,541 Reputation points MVP

    Hello @Administrador Sistemas ,

    The steps below can help to resolve the issue:

    Run the PowerShell cmdlets:


    It it shows as "PendingEnabled" or "PendingDisabled" still, follow the below steps. It is a known bug and to report to Microsoft with the details

    Context ID: Type the following cmdlet and enter


    Service instance: Type the following cmdlet and enter


    Please mark as "Accept the answer" if the above helps you. Others with similar issue can follow the solution



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  4. Administrador Sistemas 1 Reputation point

    Ok, I was checking the wrong parameter
    (Get-MsolCompanyInformation).directorysynchronizationstatus is still in PendingDisabled status so need to wait more (than 72 hours)

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  5. Administrador Sistemas 1 Reputation point

    I've uninstalled last wednesday and today (more than 72 h) when reinstalling got the same error, pending disable, but

    DirectorySynchronizationEnabled : False

    LastDirSyncTime : 20/05/2020 16:43:25

    LastPasswordSyncTime : 20/05/2020 16:45:58

    PasswordSynchronizationEnabled : True

    Need to wait more?

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