Will ADLA support ADLS v2?

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Hello ADLA folks,

Is ADLA planning to support ADLS v2? If so, can anyone provide an approximate date of when this will be available. 
Some background: We have a client who uses ADLS v2 and would prefer to use ADLA for their analytics needs. However we don't feel recommending ADLA for the following reasons: 

1: ADLA team has not announced support for ADLS v2. Our queries on various official forums are going unanswered:

[msdn blog] http://disq.us/p/20dl8cc

[msdn blog] http://disq.us/p/20dl4tc

[uservoice] https://feedback.azure.com/forums/327234-data-lake/suggestions/36445702-add-support-for-adls-gen2-to-adla

2: The roadmap for ADLA itself has not been updated in over two years. Word is that this product is being phased out in favor of Azure Databricks. 
Can someone please help address these concerns? Please feel free to reach out to me if more details are needed. 

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  1. PRADEEPCHEEKATLA-MSFT 85,026 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Welcome to the Microsoft Q&A platform.

    Happy to answer your questions.

    We do not have plans to support ADLA-ADLS Gen2.

    ADLA does not work with ADLS Gen2. We recommend that customers use Azure Databricks or Azure HDInsight instead of ADLA when working with ADLS Gen2.

    Hope this helps.

    Sourced from MSDN – Azure Data Lake Analytics

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