Update management patching in another Azure tenant’s machines

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Can I deploy updates across Azure tenants

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Azure Automation
Azure Automation
An Azure service that is used to automate, configure, and install updates across hybrid environments.
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    Hi Sadiqh,

    If you have machines that need patching in another Azure tenant reporting to Update Management, you must use a following workaround to get them scheduled. You can use the New-AzAutomationSchedule cmdlet with the ForUpdateConfiguration parameter specified to create a schedule. You can use the New-AzAutomationSoftwareUpdateConfiguration cmdlet and pass the machines in the other tenant to the NonAzureComputer parameter. The following example shows how to do this.

    $nonAzurecomputers = @("server-01", "server-02")   
    $startTime = ([DateTime]::Now).AddMinutes(10)   
    $sched = New-AzAutomationSchedule -ResourceGroupName mygroup -AutomationAccountName myaccount -Name myupdateconfig -Description test-OneTime -OneTime -StartTime $startTime -ForUpdateConfiguration   
    New-AzAutomationSoftwareUpdateConfiguration  -ResourceGroupName $rg -AutomationAccountName <automationAccountName> -Schedule $sched -Windows -NonAzureComputer $nonAzurecomputers -Duration (New-TimeSpan -Hours 2) -IncludedUpdateClassification Security,UpdateRollup -ExcludedKbNumber KB01,KB02 -IncludedKbNumber KB100   

    Source: Update Management FAQ

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