How to Pass parameters to Custom Script Extension script using ARM templates

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Below is my script and I want pass parameter using ARM template while deployment of ARM template .

$disks = Get-Disk | Where partitionstyle -eq 'raw' | sort number

$letters = 'H' | ForEach-Object { [char]$_ }

$labels = "Worknew3"
$PartitionStyles = "GPT"

foreach ($disk in $disks) {
    $driveLetter = $letters
    $disk | 
    Initialize-Disk -PartitionStyle $PartitionStyles -PassThru |
    New-Partition -UseMaximumSize -DriveLetter $driveLetter |
    Format-Volume -FileSystem NTFS -NewFileSystemLabel $labels -Confirm:$false -Force

So As you can see I want to pass value for the $letters, $labels and $PartitionStyles .Can some one please give me any example or link for this.

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    You can find the example here.

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