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i previously backed up my old computer with one large hdd, and want to restore the files and folders with computer that have 2 discs, one ssd os drive and secondary hdd drive, how can i change loadstate to move specific large folders to the secondary hdd? because my new os ssd drive is much smaller than old one. my old drive was 1tb hdd, the new ssd is 256gb and secondary drive is 500gb, i'm afraid that usmt failed to restore because not enough space so i want specific big folders to move to secondary drive.
how usmt works on this situation and how to config custom.xml to move those folders?

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Windows Server Backup
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    Run the LoadState command on the destination computer. Specify the same set of .xml files that you specified when you used the ScanState command. However, you do not have to specify the Config.xml file, unless you want to exclude some of the files and settings that you migrated to the store. For example, you might want to migrate the My Documents folder to the store, but not to the destination computer. To do this, modify the Config.xml file and specify the updated file by using the LoadState command. Then, the LoadState command will migrate only the files and settings that you want to migrate. For more information about the how the LoadState command processes and migrates data, see How USMT Works.
    For example, the following command migrates the files and settings:
    loadstate \server\migration\mystore /config:config.xml /i:migdocs.xml /i:migapp.xml /v:13 /l:load.log

    Please check the following doc:
    Migrating Specific Folders from Various Locations
    Migrate a Specific Folder

    Thanks for your time!
    Best Regards,
    Mico Mi


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    ok, that's exactly what i'm try to do, i copy the syntax from microsoft website and it doesn't work.
    the loadstate ignored my request, what i'm doing wrong? do i need edit miguser.xml or create a config.xml just like you write to me?

    i have custom.xml and i changed it like this:

    <component type="Documents" context="System">
    <displayName _locID="miguser.userdata">Test Move</displayName>
    <role role="Data">
    <pattern type="File">C:\MoveTest* []</pattern>
    <locationModify script="MigXmlHelper.Move('C:\temp\')">
    <pattern type="File">C:\MoveTest* [