How to accurately estimate the cost of your azure resources ?

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I get Azure credit through MSDN subscription - which are limited and expire/renewed every month. I am doing hands-on in Azure and keep an eye on cost analysis under cost management in Azure portal, still I think it doesn't update the cost of my Azure resources in real time.

"Forecast is based on usage from Feb 02 to Mar 01 and does not account for purchases. Changes in usage may take up to a week to be reflected." - It doesn't help me actually. I have had my subscription disabled two times because Azure resource cost exceed the Azure credit. Even Azure price calculator, setting budgets and cost per month when we create a resource in Azure are of limited help. When you have multiple resources, their usefulness is further limited.

My question is how to accurately estimate the cost of my all azure resources in real time ?

Appreciate your insightful response. Thank you.

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Azure Cost Management
Azure Cost Management
A Microsoft offering that enables tracking of cloud usage and expenditures for Azure and other cloud providers.
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    I don't have answer on accurately estimating the resources but I can tell you what I do to save the cost.

    I have personal pay-as-you-go subscription and i never let the cost go beyond 500-1000 INR

    Before creating any new Azure service I try to understand how much this will cost me. Resources like Azure storage, ADLS Gen2, ADF doesn't cost much. It cost more when you upload more files or trigger pipelines multiple time or use Dataflow in ADF

    If I use ADB, I terminate the cluster as soon as work is done.

    If any service is costing me more like Azure SQL DB or Azure Synapse SQL which are charged per month, I delete them as my work is done.

    Monitor the cost by resources from Cost management. I set up alerts like send me email when total cost cross 200, 300, 400 INR.



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