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How to register app to appear in "Notifications & actions"?

After an update in the past 6 months, our apps stopped appearing in "Notifications & actions" on the PC. How do you register an app on PCs to be able to receive app notifications from Dev Center?

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Interesting problem. Could you please open a free support ticket here: Contact Us. Tell the full repro steps about this behavior via the ticket so that the store could check it?

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We already opened a support ticket and they closed it saying that it is an OS issue. We were asked to post the problem with Feedback Hub, but we've never received a response. We have no idea if issues are being tracked there or worked on because none of them get resolved.

Code makes the following Store Services registration:

                 StoreServicesEngagementManager engagementManager = StoreServicesEngagementManager.GetDefault();
                 var result = await engagementManager.RegisterNotificationChannelAsync();

We can see a channel is created in the result, however, our apps do not get listed in "Notifications and actions" after installation and PC users never receive Dev Center notifications. Xbox One users get notifications and the apps are configurable to receive or opt out of notifications on the XBox One. What process allows apps to be listed in "Notifications and actions"? Installation or above code registration?

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I fully understand your feelings. Based on your description, your app used to be shown on the target list. It means the code should be correct so this is an issue related to the dev center website. We could only offer limited help with this.

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