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I'm doing a test migration of one of our servers to understand the process. I've installed the appliance and got assessed the servers. I've successfully installed the siteRecoveryServicesProvider and seemingly registered it (it shows connected in the registered hyper-v hosts) but when I try and start a replication, and pick Hyper-V it says it's not registered. With a link back to the siterecoveryservicesprovider install screen. THere's a finalize button at the bottom. I click it, and it says it will take 15 minutes to complete, but the same problem occurs (over 24 hours later), done this a couple of times now.

There're no outbound ports being blocked, I wouldn't be expecting any inbound ports to be required? Am I missing something?

This also happened when I attempted the same task around a year ago, within the same on-prem infrastructure (that got abandoned due to the Covid situation).
I'm using a different Tenant this time, and also the firewall has been replaced (a DrayTek 3900 by a Watchguard M370).



Any help on why this doesn't work?

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