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I am communicating with a card via UDP, sending messages and receiving responses with the data I want! I have a small problem in the conversion of these two parameters:


When I send the command 0x22 to read the firmware version I get this response (index 3,4,5) but they are not in yymmdd format given the results I got 38 and 33 ...


When I send the command 0x21 to read the UI version i get this result, how i can convert it to 48 bit little endian


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  1. Viorel 114K Reputation points

    Converting 38, 1, 33 to hexadecimal, you will get 26, 1, 21, which looks like a 26/01/2021 date. To make a date, try something like this:

    byte[] all_bytes = . . .
    DateTime date = new DateTime( 
        2000 + int.Parse( Convert.ToString( all_bytes[5], 16 ) ),
        int.Parse( Convert.ToString( all_bytes[4], 16 ) ),
        int.Parse( Convert.ToString( all_bytes[3], 16 ) ) );

    To extract the serial number as an array of bytes:

    byte[] sn = all_bytes.Skip( 3 ).Take( 6 ).ToArray( );

    Then you can also show it as string in various forms.

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  1. Ken Tucker 5,846 Reputation points

    Try something like this. dateRecieved is the bytes you received via UDP

            var data = System.Text.Encoding.Unicode.GetString(dataReceived);
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