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I'm a bit lost, I am trying to implement the ViewModelProvider in Xamarin.Android but it seems like IViewModelStoreOwner is not implemented by AppCompatActivity

C# Code

 var androidViewModelFactory = ViewModelProvider.AndroidViewModelFactory.GetInstance(Application);

                var viewmodelprovider =
                    new ViewModelProvider(this, androidViewModelFactory); **// this=AppCompatActivity does not impliment IViewModelStoreOwner** 

                var vm = (CameraXViewModel)viewmodelprovider.Get(cameraXViewModel.Class);

Java Code

 new ViewModelProvider(this,androidViewModelFactory ) /**/ this =AppCompatActivity javacode implimenents ViewModelStoreOwner Interface**   
            provider -> {
              cameraProvider = provider;
              if (allPermissionsGranted()) {

Therefore I cannot implement ViewModelProvider in Xamarin.Android

What am I missing.

Thanks in advace

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  1. Junior Jiang-MSFT 11 Reputation points


    Welcome to Microsoft Q&A!

    In Xamarin Android, FormsAppCompatActivity already contain the ViewModelStore method . It is the same effect with Native Android ViewModelStoreOwner to get ViewModelStore.

    Here it the native ViewModelStoreOwner class:

    public interface ViewModelStoreOwner {  
         * Returns owned {@link ViewModelStore}  
         * @return a {@code ViewModelStore}  
        ViewModelStore getViewModelStore();  

    In Xamarin Android, you could write code as follows below FormsAppCompatActivity class:

    public override ViewModelStore ViewModelStore => base.ViewModelStore;  

    Then you also will get the ViewModelStore.

    Best Regards,

    Junior Jiang


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