what do you think of this emulation of turing machine that always halts to crack algorithms

antonio gonzalez 136 Reputation points

its a turing machine with the peculiarity it only moves left and theres only two states 0 and 1

and as it always stops for every program i can test every single program to crack an algorith, with infinite computing power this could solve anything


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  1. antonio gonzalez 136 Reputation points

    i think that computer or turing machines are just electronic mechanical abacus

    so my first try was not good it followed all posible orders for the abacus while we need just the counting ones

    so what im programming now is a mecahnical abacus with 4 posible commands which in combination i think cover all posible algorythms with teh commands in the right combination:

    add one, substract one, shift first row to last and shift last row to first

    i really dont understand how turing fell in the non halt problem and remain afterwards

    with just 4 posible commands and the non halt problem i can test all posible commands till i get the desired result and like that give the computer a result and it will find me by brute force the algorithm that produces that sequence

    i plan to test it on enigama code

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  1. antonio gonzalez 136 Reputation points

    i did some improvement over the original program now i use 3 registers and six commands

    you enter a sequence and it produces the small basic program for such sequence if it can

    it figures for example fibonaccy or an erathostenes siege of getting rid of all 3 and 2 multiples