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Why did they move WPF forum?

I am curious as to why the WPF forum from MSDN was moved to this docs?
It was working, more focused and solving issues.
This seems like a lost cause?

Sorry for asking this, but I really like WPF and this seems a like a step in the wrong direction for WPF.

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Microsoft Q&A will be the new forum for WPF, refer to Microsoft Q&A - Frequently Asked Questions if you have doubts about Microsoft Q&A.

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Hi, It would be nice if the errors in the forum were fixed faster and also given feedback responses.

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Totally agree, we are working with Microsoft Q&A PM to make it better:)

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1) all Microsoft forums will move here on a rolling basis. 2) WPF hasn't been on a "right direction" for long. It is interesting to see how much more can be done in WPF, while Microsoft focuses on WinUI3 and Maui instead.

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