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c#, HtmlAgilityPack: Can someone please explain why this xpath grabs top of page and not a child element?

Using the attached webpage I'm trying to grab the text highlighted i dark blue below.
However, because I will also be grabbing all the other data below it, I am first grabbing the element highlighted in yellow as the starting point which is:


 //h3 [text()='Business Details']/../following-sibling::div

If I add this to the above xpath I can get the text I want:

 /div[1]/div/div [text()] 


However, if I do this in 2 steps in c# the same path grabs something at the top of the page. Here's my code

     static void BusDetailsTest()
         HtmlDocument doc = new HtmlDocument();
         doc.Load(@"D:\Apps\VSOCD\LeadaRator\Trunk\V01\WpfBrowserTest\SampleSourceFiles\5-5.2 Number19.txt");
         // Get the outer element that can be used as a starting point for all the other pieces of data to scape also.
         var h3 = doc.DocumentNode.SelectSingleNode("//h3 [text()='Business Details']/../following-sibling::div");
         // Why does this grab something at the top of the page rather than some nexted child divs?
         var divBusDesc = h3.SelectSingleNode("//div[1]/div/div");

Can someone please explain what I'm doing wrong and how to correct it?

Thank you

I tried to upload a text file with the page source but this site is real buggy today and wont allow attaching text files.



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Maybe you should write h3.SelectSingleNode("/div[1]/div/div[text()]")?

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Thanks @Viorel-1 but nothing seems to be working here.
h3.SelectSingleNode("/div") is null, but h3 has plenty of html as shown below:


Unfortunately for some reason I can't attach text files or post blocks of code like this.

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Hi @moondaddy-8531,
For this question, there are more discussion in this thread.
And you can try the har07's answer.
Best Regards,
Daniel Zhang

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