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I am trying to create some parameters in the data factory. The reason being that the data in the lake is stored in directories with the following structure


I need to parameterise this so that I can refer to the newest created directory.

I have created the year as

Edit: **** The Year calculation does not work ****
formatDateTime(addmonths(convertFromUtc(utcnow(),'India Standard Time'),-3),'yyyy')
(our financial year starts in April and till march 31st next year it is the same year number and I have not tested if this works).

I am ok creating the month and date.

What I need is a way to create the quarter in the format of Q1...Q4.

Is there a quarter function (I could not find any documentation) in DF or is there another way?


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  1. Pritam Pathak 1 Reputation point

    I can see 2 options of doing this.

    1. Have a lookup activity to do this. The query could be something like this:

    SET @apl = getutcdate();

    SELECT format(@apl , 'yyyy/Q') + CAST(DATEPART(QUARTER, @apl ) AS VARCHAR(10)) + format(@apl , '/MM/dd') AS FolderName;
    Ouput: 2021/Q1/02/20`

    1. Use dynamic content to define the quarter logic in a variable and then construct your string using this.
      Set Quarter Variable Logic:
      @if(and( greaterOrEquals(int(formatDateTime(utcnow(), 'MM')), 1), lessOrEquals(int(formatDateTime(utcnow(), 'MM')), 3)), 'Q1', <Replicate the condition for rest of the quarters>)
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