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Recording Video with Remote IP camera - MediaCapture


I would like to use a remote IP camera to take pictures and record video. I have Reolink-410 Camera. I am able to connect to the camera by using captureInitSettings.DeviceUri and I am able to initialize the MediaCapture object and take pictures from the camera. But I am not able to record video from the camera. I am using code sample from this page:

The following instruction throws exception:
await _mediaRecording.StartAsync();
{"The specified object or value does not exist. (Exception from HRESULT: 0xC00D36D5)"}

Does anybody tried IP cameras with UWP apps? Thank you for your help.

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Here is a summary of this issue. This issue happens when using an ONVIF IP camera in default capture mode i.e. AudioVideo, the windows is not able to stream audio from it so startasync fails with the exception mentioned in the original post. To make it work, just need to put the capture mode to Video.

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@RoyLi-MSFT Yes exactly.

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@Vikki-5611 You could try to refer to the document to connect to remote cameras and refer to the document to process media frames with MediaFrameReader.

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@YanGu-MSFT I have already connected to the camera successfully using the captureInitSettings.DeviceUri and MediaCapture. I have successfully taken the pictures. I am only facing the problem in video recording. I need help in that exact problem.

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@Vikki-5611 We will consult other engineers for your case. There may be some delays.

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@YanGu-MSFT I have tried CameraVideoStabilization Sample. I have interesting find that if I have another local USB camera connected then recording video with remote Uri camera works, but if only remote Uri camera is connected, I can only take pictures but video recording doesn't work and I get the previously mentioned exception. So it seems to be a bug in UWP APIs. Please give this information to your relevant team in MS. So to reproduce this bug you shouldn't have any local camera connected to the device. DeviceInformation.FindAllAsync(DeviceClass.VideoCapture) should not be returning any devices.

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@Vikki-5611 I noticed a similar case on StackOverflow with the title Using Uri connected IP camera to take pictures and record video with Windows UWP app, is that you who ask the same issue?

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@RoyLi-MSFT Yes, Its me there as well.

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Windows has a great video/audio recorder,it is Windows Media Encoder 9 series.Although microsoft has ended it's download,updates and add-ons are still available thru Microsoft download center.Use youre web search provider for the download.
Once installed,use the capture tab to record,it's a great installation,also windows catalog has updates.

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