UploadItems EWS operation does not work properly for public folders.

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Perform the following on an Exchange Online deployment -

  1. Create a Primary and Secondary public folder mailbox, with a folder on each of the mailbox. Powershell will have to be used to create such a folder.
  2. Using impersonated access, download items using ExportItems EWS operation. Make sure to use a user which has its PublicFolderInformation property (from GetUserSettings operation) configured to secondary public folder mailbox.
  3. Use a post from the folder on the primary mailbox to call the UploadItems EWS operation with the UpdateOrCreate operation.

It has been noticed that a duplicate post is created for such an item, even if a post with the same id is present in that folder. Calling with "Update" instead of "UpdateOrCreate" fails with "item not found" error.
Making a GetItem EWS call with same id returns that item.

Server Version Info returned

Can someone let me know, what could be wrong?

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