How to control minecraft character by WinAPI?

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Hello, I have a task to create a bot for minecraft for digging in the background. I'm new to WinAPI and I don't know what I was supposed to do. I create a HWND and I find a window, now when I try to PostMessage() to minecraft then the character does nothing, only in chat my messages are typed into the chat bar. I tried with Spy++ and sending messages to minecraft’s subwindows and still nothing. Anyone know what to do?

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Windows API - Win32
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    You can use SendInput to simulate mouse and keyboard events
    But the window must be in foreground
    I tested with a demo version, to set it to foreground :

    HWND hWndDest = FindWindow(L"GLFW30", NULL);  
    SwitchToThisWindow(hWndDest, TRUE);  
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