Package SharePoint.Client.Runtime 15.0.0 is not compatible with netcoreapp3.1

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I am trying to use C# in Visual Studio to write to a SharePoint List . So I tried to install the Nuget Package called SharePoint.Client.Runtime

I am getting the error message below.

    Severity    Code    Description Project File    Line    Suppression State
    Error   NU1202  Package SharePoint.Client.Runtime 15.0.0 is not compatible with netcoreapp3.1 (.NETCoreApp,Version=v3.1). Package SharePoint.Client.Runtime 15.0.0 supports: microsoftsharepointclientruntime (Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Runtime,Version=v0.0)    trySharePoint   B:\project\C-Sharp-4\SharePoint\trySharePoint\trySharePoint\trySharePoint.csproj    1   

Any thoughts on how to resolve this error or any alternatives?

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  1. Jerryzy 10,566 Reputation points

    Hi @Elba ,

    SharePoint On-Premise Server Client Object 15.x is not compatible with .NET Core solution.

    Currently only SharePoint Online CSOM support for .NET Core (SharePoint On-Premise didn't support) , please check this blog:


    For detailed information, please refer this blog:

    .NET Standard version of SharePoint Online CSOM APIs

    If you are using SharePoint Online, then install the CSOM from Nuget like this:

    Microsoft.SharePointOnline.CSOM 16.1.20211.12000

    Best Regards

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