Virtual Machine Scale Sets for a CMG

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Greetings. I have a question regarding Virtual Machine Scale Sets when creating a CMG. I understand this option should be used if I have a CSP subscription for Azure since CSPs do not support the cloud classic service. I am trying to figure out if this option should be used only for that case? Does it matter if I use it and don't have a CSP? Is it preferable to use if I have a CSP vs the other? I'm researching CMGs with the intention trying to stand one up soon and I've done a lot of research on this but haven't been able to find a solid answer. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Jason Sandys 31,186 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Mike Gorski not today no. You should continue to use and deploy the non-scale set CMG deployment if possible. Once we are ready for broad deployment and use of CMG scale sets, we will provide a path for orgs to transition to them from the current configuration.

    @KT-7852no, there is no direct path to transition today. Yes, you could easily delete the existing CMG and deploy a new scale set-based CMG but this could cause issues on the clients. Yes, the intent is to have a transition path.

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  1. Amandayou-MSFT 11,051 Reputation points

    Hi @Mike Gorski ,

    CMG deployments with the cloud service (classic) method could not support subscriptions for Azure Cloud Service Providers (CSP). The CMG deployment with Azure Resource Manager continues to use the classic cloud service, which the CSP doesn't support.

    Customers with a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) subscription could deploy the CMG with a virtual machine scale set in Azure. This support is only if they don't currently have a CMG deployed using classic cloud services to another subscription.

    Detailed information could be referred to this article:

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  2. KT 1 Reputation point

    Hi @Amandayou-MSFT , for any customers that have a Cloud Service CMG currently in place but want to transition over to CMG in a CSP via VMSS - is there a supported migration path yet?

    ie, can you delete the old one and redeploy the new one in CSP - I understand they cannot coexist, but can you delete one and recreate a new one?

    Is it expected that a migration path will be made available once this graduates out of pre-release?

    The main driver of this is consolidations of subscriptions and billing for a CSP customer.

    Many thanks

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