400 error on creating a report using SSRS Rest Api from c# code (ASP core 3.1)

Shashwat Bisoyi 11 Reputation points

I am getting a 400, bad request error when trying to create a new report using the rest api of ssrs as documented here: https://app.swaggerhub.com/apis/microsoft-rs/SSRS/2.0#/

However, I am able to retrieve all the reports and create a folder using similar request. So I suspect the 400 error is in the formatting of json that I am sending (maybe the content variable?). The current json:

  "hasDataSources": true,  
  "hasSharedDataSets": true,  
  "hasParameters": true,  
  "id": "3fa85f64-5717-4562-b3fc-2c963f66afa6",  
  "name": "Test_Report",  
  "description": "",  
  "path": "/Folder/subfoler/Test_Report",  
  "type": 3,  
  "hidden": false,  
  "size": 0,  
  "modifiedBy": "User",  
  "modifiedDate": "2021-02-19T11:26:05.323Z",  
  "createdBy": "User",  
  "createdDate": "2021-02-19T11:26:05.323Z",  
  "parentFolderId": "21755bc5a-7a38-4d42-b2de-45c9cacef217",  
  "contentType": "application/json",  
  "content": "{\"Name\":\"Test\"}",  
  "isFavorite": false  

The type in the json is an enum with 3 referring to "Report" and 11 to "Report Model". I tried both and still the same 400 error.
Here are the response headers:


edit: fixed quotation mark(my bad) but it is not the problem

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  1. Duane Arnold 3,216 Reputation points

    Somehow the Json is malformed, and you need to find out why. Offhand, I can't remember some of the Json tools you can use to check the validly of Json data, but they are out there. Maybe you can download a 30 day trial one and check the Json.