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Same field Description but 2 different businiss meanings in data warehouse

I have a new Datawarehouse for a labor force census...
I have a lot of questions in the survey... sometimes a question X that is represented in my data warehouse as
column X which for example has an answer inside its related Dim (Yes or No Question) ...
e.g. in round 1 of the census, the total persons answered Yes: 500 and No: 200, and this question was asked for all persons in the round
until now everything is ok ...

next round they change the business role for question X to be asked only for employed persons
so in this round will be answered as Yes: 10 and No: 3

so what should I do now... Question X has the same description but with 2 totally different business meanings
so I can't describe the total answers for Yes to be decreased by 490 in the second quarter of the Year...
Should I cut the time series for Question X to be
a Column X1 for Answers in the first round and
a second Column X2 answers in the second round?

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