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Breaking out large app into smaller apps.


I have a large mobile app that performs many different functions and want to try and break that out into smaller apps that do only a small portion of what the main app does. At the current time the work around I have just is a hard coded string that identifies what app is being used from each android or iOS project in the MainActivity or AppDelegate and then from there the specific shell is called based on what app project is built. My issue with this is that every app is still the same size since the main shared code base is all compiled. How would I go about specifying only what pages to compile, or is there a better way to structure this?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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specifying only what pages to compile

Do you mean that compile some pages just in same VS solution?

Are all the smaller apps in different VS solution? If apps in different solutions, they could be compiled separately.
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Yes, they are all in the same VS solution, so I am only trying to compile some pages based on what app is being built because they all share same code base. It's when they compile that say the main app has page 1-10 but app A only needs 1,5 and 6 while app B only needs 2 and 4.

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Please copy the code and make them as independent applications.

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