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Posting to the endpoint gives HTTP error 500

I can read data from the endpoint, but when I try to post data (in order to create an access review) I always get HTTP error 500 (Internal Server Error).

Is this operation working?

Example of payload:

     "displayName": "ORG_SuperDuper X",
     "startDateTime": "2021-03-04T15:46:25+01:00",
     "endDateTime": "9999-12-31T23:59:59+00:00",
     "reviewedEntity": {
         "id": "30552695-062d-4eed-aebb-a21df20414ad"
     "reviewerType": "delegated",
     "businessFlowTemplateId": "6e4f3d20-c5c3-407f-9695-8460952bcc68",
     "description": "Access Review of ORG_SuperDuper X",
     "reviewers": [
             "id": "137be449-6504-46d5-8556-85c31938eef6"
     "settings": {
         "remindersEnabled": true,
         "mailNotificationsEnabled": true,
         "justificationRequiredOnApproval": false,
         "recurrenceSettings": {
             "recurrenceType": "halfyearly",
             "recurrenceEndType": "never",
             "recurrenceCount": 0
         "autoApplyReviewResultsEnabled": false

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Adding right tags/teams to assist.

Just to isolate the issue, outside of your code try repro the issue with Graph explorer, still can you repro the issue as well?

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