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Partner Center/Microsoft Store "Private audience" App not visible to Work/School Accounts

I'm experimenting with other distribution options in the Partner Center and Microsoft Store. Line-of-business distribution has a bug that isn't being addressed currently by Microsoft, so I'm having to find other ways.

Is there a way to include Work/School accounts in the "Private audience" list? I can certainly add the email addresses and Partner Center doesn't complain if they are added to the list, but it seems the Microsoft Store doesn't allow the apps to be listed/downloaded if the users has a Work/School account signed into the Microsoft Store.

It would not be ideal to ask users to sign-up for Microsoft Accounts just to be able to download the app AND my primary "private audience" are going to be my coworkers with work/school accounts--not Microsoft accounts.

I believe the "Private audience" should allow work/school accounts, not just Microsoft accounts.

If I'm missing something to allow this, please let me know.

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Please open a free support ticket here: Contact Us. Choose to Contact us, select Dashboard for Topic, and select App submissions and management for issue type. Then you could talk to the store team directly and discuss this.

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Did you ever get a resolution on this? We're experiencing the exact same issue.

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