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azure translate api

i have used the code in python as given on the site and integrated with node js using spawn.but it does not display hindi or any other language whose script is different from english ,why this is so and please help

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Could you please provide more details of this implementation or steps followed from the documentation used?

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i did have an account first in azure enabled the text translation api had my credentials...then used the python code given on the site for text runs properly if i use in python.but then when i spawn the same python with node js i dont get any output when tranlating between languages.

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@vaishnavijha-3098 Is it possible to share your python and nodejs samples to understand how this call this made? Are you passing any parameters to the python application code that are missing in your call from nodejs application?

Is calling the API directly from nodejs application feasible? This sample should help you achieve it.

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