which language does windows 1.0 written in

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I was thinking this question from a long time

A programming language created by Microsoft that serves a stepping stone for beginners from block-based coding languages to more complex text-based languages.
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  1. Nonki Takahashi 591 Reputation points

    My guess about Windows 10 is written in C#. Would you really like to know about Windows 1.0?

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  2. Kristian Virtanen 126 Reputation points

    Hmmm...i did read this question weeks ago and it has wondered myself too. Couldnt find any certain information so we can only guess.

    Windows 10 is programmed with combination of C, C#, C++ and Asm, according to wikipedia. There is no reason to doubt that information since most of the open source OS are programmed with same languages. Asm is for hardware, C & C++ there in the middle and C# propably for software what comes with the OS.

    My best guess with 1.0, that it is a combination of ASM & C. C# was not available back then but on the other hand, C++ was.

    I think 85% of any common OS is variation of Asm & C/C++/C# and some tasks are written in some specific language to cover more security/speed/etc. Seeing Pascal code in 1.0 would not surprise me either.

    I remember there was some OS done with Java, but it did not live long. No surprise though. Propably lots of other tries has be seen in era of computing.