Rounding of partial percentage of a workday

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I observer something strange happening to my project plan maybe somebody can help explain what is happening: I have task called "Status Report" which is allocated 1hr to do this task.

This is allocated to James Bond whose hourly rate is $50 and his normal working period per day 8hr. Hence, 12.5% is basically 1hr (0.125 x 8=1).
So I assign to task "Status Report" 12.5% and assign it to James Bond. This is what I am observing:

1. when I type 12.5% MS Project displays it as 13% and calculates the cost as 0.125 X $50=$6,25 - fine all well and good

2. now when I change the allocation to say 10% MS Project displays it as 10% and calculates the cost as 0.1 x $50 = $5 - all correct no issue as well

3. then when I revert back to 12.5% MS displays it as 13% BUT now calculates the cost as 0.13 x $50 = $6.50 - here it starts show inconsistency

Why when I switch back to 12.5% in (3) it actually uses 13% x %50 = $6.50 which is not what I want this slightly more than 1hr's cost,

I tried doing various changes etc I cannot get to the status back as shown in (1) above.

Why is this so?

Can someone let me know how I can fix the cost calculation as 0.125 x $50 and NOT as 0.13 x $50

Help much appreciated.

Best Rgds

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  1. Emi Zhang-MSFT 23,811 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Kish Ranai ,
    Right click the cell- select Format cells...- select Percentage and Decilmal places: 0:


    If my understanding is incorrect, please provide more information and I'm glad to help you.
    Any updates please let me know and I'm glad to help you.

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