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Shay Wilner 1,746 Reputation points

At the beginning i succeeded to create a package for publishing the app.
Now I change the image in the source visual asset of the packageappx.manifest but i get this error

App manifest references the square 310x310 logo image 'Assets\LargeTile.scale-400.png' which is larger than the maximum image file size. It must be no larger than 204800 bytes.

But when i restored the previous image that was valid I still get the same error and i don't know which image the compiler means
square 310x310 ,i have not such image in the asset folder


Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
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  1. Tyoun 1 Reputation point

    Regenerating assets does not fix the issue. I've been struggling with this for two days now. I've cleaned the solutions, resized images, checked the app manifest script at the line causing the error, and regenerated the assets several times. Still looking for a fix.

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  2. Thiruppathi K 1 Reputation point

    I resized the image and now it worked. The image size was 402 kb when I got the error, then I resized the image to lower file size and it worked.

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