Microsoft Standard CDN & Purging

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Hi, I'm using Azure CDN and the Microsoft Standard Pricing Tier for hosting my React applications that then use Azure Functions as the backend API.

I'm using Microsoft Standard as it easily allows for HTTP to HTTPS redirect, some rewrite rules, and a no-store, no-cache on the index.html file.

The issue is the purge is taking 20+ minutes and on one of my more complex client systems I have 3 environments (Dev/Test/Prod) and 3 React Apps, so a full release can take over an hour per environment, which is just killing me when I need to push out bug fixes.

I've tried just purging the index.html file instead of a full purge and it takes as long.

I know I can set the purge to not wait, but then I have the issue of not knowing when the release has completed.

All of this is happening via Azure DevOps Pipelines using the Azure CLI.

All advice is most welcome.

Azure Content Delivery Network
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