How does synch desktop files to one dirve work... where are they located on PC

John Lenz 1,726 Reputation points

I am trying out synch between PC and laptop (Windows10 home). What I cannot understand is where the files are located. I have "User" folder on desktop with 2 Documents folders. I have Quicken folder in documents and would like the backups to be stored on the PC and one drive. I really cannot "see" where the file is located.

Help me understand and use win10 synch.


OneDrive Management
OneDrive Management
OneDrive: A Microsoft file hosting and synchronization service.Management: The act or process of organizing, handling, directing or controlling something.
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  1. Jenny Feng 14,096 Reputation points

    Did you use the OneDrive?

    They determine where files are actually stored when they are saved to the Desktop, Documents and Pictures folders or libraries. When files are saved, they are stored in these folders on the disk in your home folder: C:\Users\YourName\Desktop and C:\Users\YourName\Documents.

    Hope above information can help you.

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  2. John Lenz 1,726 Reputation points

    OK, the laptop in question is at my daughter's home. I set it up for her.

    When I open the Shortcut on her desktop of her profile folders, I "see" 2 Documents folders. One is one drive and one is local. The local to PC folder has files I setup before the one drive synch.

    What I am getting at is that her local data is not on her PC but in One Drive exclusively. That is not good if she is not connected tot he net.

    Why is it doing this?

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  3. Jenny Feng 14,096 Reputation points

    @John Lenz
    When you save your files to OneDrive, they're stored in the cloud on Microsoft's servers and sometimes, but not always locally on your PC. It's a bit confusing because where your files are stored depends on the version of Windows you're using and your OneDrive settings.
    You could mark a file or folder for offline use:
    Right-click a file or folder.
    Select Always keep on this device

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  4. John Lenz 1,726 Reputation points

    Her is my issue...

    I did not save the files to One Drive. i selected backup my documents to One Drive.
    When that happened, a second documents folder in my profile emerged and the local folders were now in it and it is One Drive.

    How do I reverse this?

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  5. John Lenz 1,726 Reputation points

    I am closing out this question because what is happening on the system goes beyond what this request is. I will open a new question

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