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Skype for Business with RDP (on Hyper-V)

Hello everybody

I am using Skype for Business 2016.

However, if I access a virtual Windows
10 client (Hyper-V 2019), Skype does not have access to the camera.

The camera will be connected through the RDP session
also displayed in Skype. However, instead of one image, only the following appears

«Cannot connect with this camera.
Close any active conversations or other programs that are
may use the camera, and then try again. »

Works in other programs (camera app, Slack etc.)
the camera flawlessly.

No other programs are open to access the camera. The guest services are also activated for the VM.

When I have an RDP connection on a physical client
the camera works in Skype for Business.

Must be on a virtual Windows 10 for the RDP connection
Client that runs on Hyper-V do you have to pay attention to anything special?

Thank you in advance for your support.

Greetings David

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Hi @DavidW-2558

Do you have the same issue when using camera in another applications in Hyper-V machine?

Is your camera a USB device?

In my experience, if you want to connect a webcam and USB audio to Hyper-VM, you should allow RDP redirection of other supported RemoteFX USB devices from this computer. The following blog shows each step for your reference:

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The camera works in all other programs. Only in Skype for Business does it not work.

I tested it with a USB camera and with a camera built into the notebook. In both cases I have the problem.

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Before connecting to the remote computer, please navigate to Option -> Local Resources tab, and open the audio configuration to check if remote audio playback is enabled.

If the audio device is not listed and you didn’t play audio on remote client, we suggest you check RDC setting as the following:


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Hi, @JimmyYang-MSFT

The audio and microphone work fine in the remote session, including in Skype for Business. Only the camera does not work in Skype for Business. It is recognized but cannot display or access an image. The camera works in the Windows camera app and in Slack.



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