Microphone is not working

Hattendorf, Anton 51 Reputation points


I have a Problem with the Microphone in Teams on Linux:

  • Teams is complaining, that the microphone is not working.
  • In the device configuration I can select multiple microphones.
  • Teams shows no level for any microphone.
  • In the Pulse Audio Volume Control I can see level for all microphones.
  • I also see the Recording Channel of Teams (with label "Skype" :-) ) and it receives level.

Video is working fine.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Anton Hattendorf

Skype for Business Linux
Skype for Business Linux
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  1. Roberto Carrasco Retamal 26 Reputation points

    Config your mic and speakers in Device Settings panel and CLOSE IT

    Do not keep the device configuration panel open for more than 1 minute, why? i don't know but it works for me


  2. J South 11 Reputation points

    Has there been any solution offered?

    I have this same issue, with my laptop's built-in mic, a Logitech webcam mic, and a Bluetooth headset mic all showing as available, but with no audio levels.

    All hardware is functioning well in other applications. (And in Windows.)

    This is clearly a showstopper for the adoption of Teams in multi-OS environments ― any troubleshooting hints would be appreciated.

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  3. Dion Vansevenant 6 Reputation points

    I have had similar issues on Fedora 31 using the official linux preview client and a Sennheiser USB-ED 01 headset. Same hardware works fine when I reboot into Windows 10. I have opened a ticket, but wanted to post to show that others have similar issues.

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  4. Tostivint Cyril 6 Reputation points

    Same issue for me, I'm using the Team Client on Ubuntu 18.04 with Gnome desktop.

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  5. Erik P 16 Reputation points


    I am too having this or a very similar issue on Ubuntu 19.10 when using USB connected Sennheiser Momentum 2 or a Jabra 510 puck:

    • Teams will show all devices in the selector menu and I can select the headset or puck.
    • Sometimes I get no functional microphone or the internal mic on the HP latptop is selected.
    • Sometimes I can get things working by opening the OS sound prefs panel during the call. This one could possibly point this to be an OS issue, but other apps are unaffected.
    • I typically need to completely restart teams after having inserted a USB audio device in order to get it to work.


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