Windows Ribbon Framework DynamicUI element - how to use?

Fabion Burke 21 Reputation points

I was trying to add commands and buttons during runtime, the win32 ribbon framework (UIRibbon.dll) does not seem to support this. However, I found that the documentation mentioned the DynamicUI markup element. It was described as "Represents a container for Ribbon markup. This container and its content is declared at run time." Unfortunately, I cannot find any example or more detailled documentation on this.

How do I use the DynamicUI element?


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  1. Fei Xue - MSFT 1,111 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Fabion Burke , The DynamicUI was never really intended for public consumption. Nor does it appear to be used in the inbox apps that use ribbon. It was added as part of some test work 10 years ago. We will remove this document so that developers will not be confused about this. If you have any feedback about Windows Ribbon Framework, you can also submit it via Feedback hub.

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  1. Fabion Burke 21 Reputation points

    Fair enough. Although it's not the answer I hoped for, I appreciate you checking for me and finding out - thanks!

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  2. harborsiem 1 Reputation point

    @Fabion Burke

    For adding commands and buttons, togglebuttons during runtime you can use the Ribbon elements DropDownGallery, SplitButtonGallery and InRibbonGallery.

    A .NET (C#, VB) implementation of the Ribbon with many samples and a wiki documentation you can find here.

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