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Hyper-V Create External Virtual Switch Issue

I was trying to restore my hyper-v virtual switch network. it was working fine before the last windows 10 Pro update. I was able to bind the External Virtual Switch to my Wireless NIC which is AC3165. however, after windows updates. my network settings was not working. when I tried to restore the configuration, I got errors like "Error applying Virtual Switch Properties changes failed whiled adding virtual Ethernet switch connection (0x80070490) " and after I use the Microsoft resolution to run "", then try to do the same setup for the External Virtual Switch, it give me the error like " Error applying Virtual Switch Properties changes. The operation failed because the object was not found. " I tired. 1. "netcfg -d" 2. uninstall and reinstall the "Hypver-v" 3. use none of these above worked out for me. please help and give me some clue where I should tune to make it work again.

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For the sake of anyone else stumbling onto this page due to difficulties creating a Hyper-V switch on a WiFi card, the solution is given by Craig here:

It's unbelievably silly, but it works. Try this before you try any of the other solution on the internet and 100% before you download Microsoft's Fixit!!

Essentially, open up your adapters page, go back to create your external switch as you would expect, but whilst the software is still trying to configure the switch, head back to the adapters page, disable your wifi card, enable it again and you'll find that your switch will now be configured and working.

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yeah, I agree, it sounds silly, but it will worth a try. I was in a rush do some test at that moment. so had to move on to virtual box. but I'll give it try next time, when I do the Hyper-v. thanks again.

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Thanks for your share!
Finally find a great workaround.

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Good for you to follow the public document at the first hand! The reason why you still cannot create an external virtual switch needs further troubleshooting and here are some tips you could try:

Firstly, I would like to collect your KB number of your current Windows version to further check the non-compatibility issue of your wireless NIC and your Hyper-V host version.

Secondly, any WAN miniport devices such as WireShark / NCap are supposed to be removed when you set up an external virtual switch. Check if you have any of these network devices, if so, I’d like you to remove them and run to set up your external virtual switch again.

More information about WAN miniport devices can be seen from

Thirdly, try to use PowerShell commands to get the information of your network adapter and Hyper-V virtual switch to see whether you have actually created successfully. Then try to use PowerShell to setup an external virtual switch.
A. To get the information: Get-VMNetworkAdapter
B. To create an external virtual switch: New-VMSwitch -name ExternalSwitch -NetAdapterName Ethernet -AllowManagementOS $true

If you still cannot work out the problem, then I am afraid that it is quite hard to solve the non-compatibility issue with wireless NIC. The usual answers of driver updates, software version updates help some but for those trying these ways from a wireless network adapter there seems no solid fix.

There are some tips that you can try from:
Note: Information posted in the given link is hosted by a third party. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy and effectiveness of information.

Thank you for your time! If you have concerns or questions, please feel free to feedback.

Best regards
Joann Zhu

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Hi Joann,

Thanks for your reply. Actually, I used to have Wireshark and NMap installed, however, before I bind the external switch with my WiFi card, I already removed them and did run the as well.

My windows build is Version 20H2 (OS Build 19042.844)

The wireless card already updated to the latest driver.

Unfortunately, The PowerShell method didn't work out for me. however, I am curious whether there is any difference when I created in the GUI and the PowerShell command.

I ended up with setting up the network share as a workaround. but I don't think this is would be a permanent solution though. it's very inconvenient especially when I want to work with multiple machines at home lab.

Hope Microsoft could fix this in the future Hyper-V patches.

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Thank you for your share! Your suggestion means a lot for us and improving the quality of the products and services is a never-ending process for Microsoft. Thanks again for your understanding!

Could you please help Accept Answer? So that others meet a similar issue can find the latest information quickly.

Best wishes

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