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SSL ISSUE while connecting to vision url

Hi Team,

We are running a program in our Linux instance in which we are connecting to and it is throwing SSL Certification failed error.
Kindly suggest me how to import the SSL certificate and what are all changes need to make in order connect to this url through our program.

PFB for the program and error details:

Piece of code which is throwing error:

import requests
azure_vision_url = ""
headers = {"Content-Type": "application/octet-stream"}
params = {"mode": "Printed"}
response =, headers=headers, params=params, verify=True)

Note : verify is the parameter to enable SSL verification. We are able to run the code by turning off SSL verification but as per our platform policies it is not advisable to run without SSL.

kindly suggest me on how to resolve this issue

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Hello Irfan,

What version of Linux are you using and what are the SSL/TLS versions are installed on this system from which the calls are made?

Do you see this issue if you run the calls directly through REST API console?


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Thank you Rohit for your reply. our linux version :3.10.0-862.6.3.el7.x86_64.
SSL Version : SSLv3
TLS Version : TLSv1.2
this machine is hosted on private cloud. we have another instance which is hosted in public cloud and in public cloud it is working fine. but in private cloud it is throwing error. kindly suggest

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With respect to certificates I don't think you need to install any as it works for the same image from your public cloud. Is there are any restrictions on your private cloud network settings that is blocking this? This endpoint enforces TLS 1.2 as per the cognitive services endpoint security protocol.

Do you see same behavior with vision 3.0 endpoints?

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