Azure Datasync Group keeps syncing same records

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We have a Sync group that indicates the same number of records downloaded many many times -- when it has "real" work to do the number is higher, but then reverts to 182 records downloaded. It is reporting success, but it sure appears it is doing the same records over and over again. example message: Sync completed successfully in 38.84 seconds. Upload: 0 changes applied Download: 182 changes applied How can I determine what records were just processed, this sync group has 51 tables Thanks Brent Templeton

Azure SQL Database
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  1. Navtej Singh Saini 4,176 Reputation points


    We reviewed some of the previous cases where it can be a config issue where we have member win on transfer from On-Prem to HUB and again member win from HUB to member. This topology can cause a circular conflict resolution. The recommendation was to configure between Hub -> member, the Hub win is what the correct way.

    But please do this after you check with Support as they need to check your Azure Sync topology and run sync health checker. Please raise the ticket and please share the ticket number and we will try to get traction for the same.

    Navtej S