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We have two file servers with 300GB of data. These are set up with name spaces and replication. Private folder is 150GB in size. This seems excessive. Health report is good and no errors, the reason this is a concern is because the disk is 500GB and is almost full. I don't understand how staging can be half the size of all the data. Can you suggest a way to investigate this?

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    Based on your description , the size of your staging folder exceed the actual quota, and the staging cleanup was not triggered, right?
    You might need to configure the staging quota to be lower than the default quota when several replicated folders share staging space on the same volume. This ensures that staging cleanup is triggered.
    Staging folders and Conflict and Deleted folders
    Or try reduce the StagingQuota to a very small value, so Windows will clear the files that are over the High Watermark. After that set the StagingQuota to the desired value.

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    Firstly , you can check the replication status by command:
    Wmic /namespace:\root\microsoftdfs path dfsrreplicatedfolderinfo get replicationgroupname,replicatedfoldername,state
    Check if the result is good.
    0: Uninitialized
    •1: Initialized
    •2: Initial Sync
    •3: Auto Recovery
    •4: Normal
    •5: In Error
    If everything is well, you can try the method: Manually Clearing the ConflictAndDeleted Folder in DFSR
    Also you can refer to the link :How to Determine the Minimum Staging Area DFSR Needs for a Replicated Folder

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    a) Replication status is 4.

    b) I have been clearing ConflictAndDeleted folders, but this is not where the issue is. The \DFSR\Private...\Staging folders are large, ConflictAndDeleted folders are small. I need the Staging folder to complete its work. There are folders in Staging folder with Last Modified Date a year ago, if I understand dates correctly, these staging files are outdated and useless. For ex:

    1. Staging folder is 4.5 GB, inside we have:
    2. ContentSet {...} 2.5 GB Last Modified today
    3. ContentSet {...} 2.0 GB Last Modified a year ago

    I am tempted to delete folders with old Last Modified dates.

    c) I also have been through Minimum Staging Area DFSR Needs, and used the 32 largest files method.

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