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Not able to Mstsc windows 2012 r2 server however it is working via mstsc /admin switch

Hello All,

We have a jump server of windows 2012r2 on which terminal server is installed and when am trying to mstsc that server it is not working however with mstsc /admin switch it is working fine.

Below are the steps i have taken but no luck.
1. Checked remote desktop services and remote desktop licensing service it was in running state, not only this all the services are in runing state but tried restarting this both services.
2. Checked remote desktop licensing and diagnoser evrything looks good with userbased cal which is having 150 license out of which 80 is issued and 70 is available.
3. Terminal server group in AD contain this computer object added yes it was validated
4.builtin object in AD called terminal server licensing group is also having this computer object added.
5. Atlast i did rebooted the server and it started working fine.

But again same issue came yesterday last week some other application server who is having terminal server installed was also facing same issue but after reboot it fixed the issue

I believe there is concrete solution for the same and am missing exact cause behind it. Please help and advise the next course of action to get it be fixed.

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1. Does this happen to a specific group/ user , or all the users?
2. Any errors from the Event log ?
3. Any new configurations or updates did you make before the issue happened ?
4. How often does the issue occurred ?


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Hello ,

Thanks for responding.

  1. For all users

2.In events
I could see event 132, 258, 226.

Application event logs has- 6003, 902,903,1003

System log has 204

  1. Apart from monthly patching activity we didnt performed any change.

  2. Very often and after reboot issue gets fix. yesterday when i restarted remote desktop services issue got fix for time being but again as issue is intermittent in nature after sometime we again started facing the same.

Azhar shaikh

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Please update

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