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Not able to install visual studio enterprise

Hi There,

I am trying to install the Visual studio enterprise version on my Windows 10 Pro PC.

The installer starts and the icon appears on the taskbar. But nothing happens after that.

I have tried various options to install, but no luck. could you please help me to get this installed?


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Hi @Arun-4143 , I am the forum engineer who is following up your issue now, please understand we may have delay on the response. Refresh the page to see the updates. Thank you.

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Dear customer, have you check your Windows updates? We suggest you update your WIndows to the latest version and re-download the Visual Studio from the download page: Then, run it as administrator and try again.

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Hi @AnnaXiu-MSFT, i just checked the system is uptodate and tried downloading the exe again, and did run as administrator. however, the result is the same.

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