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Edge: How to stop new tabs opening randomly


I have an unusual problem whereby if I have Edge open, a new tab opens at random without any prompting whatsoever.

If it happens, it won't open another new tab unless I close the first tab that randomly opened, so only one new tab is ever open at a time. It's getting quite frustrating because it happens every single time I use Edge.

I would be grateful for any suggestions as to how I might be able to stop it from happening. I tried re-installing Edge but it didn't make any difference.

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@BrianGlanville-6832 I agree with cooldadtx's answer.
Which version of Edge are you using? I also wonder what does the new tab contain? Does it lead to a certain website?
Besides, please open Microsoft Defender SmartScreen and use some antimalware app to check if there's malware in your computer.

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Thank you for your reply. I'm running Edge version Version 89.0.774.63 (Official build) (64-bit).

I have a subscription to Norton 360 antivirus but it hasn't detected anything.

The new tab opens, which is the page I selected for when I open new tabs so there's nothing unusual about that part of the browser behaviour.


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@BrianGlanville-6832 You can try cooldadtx's suggestion. Besides, you can try to open Edge with InPrivate window and all extensions disabled to see if the issue still exists.
I also suggest that you can try to reset Edge browser according to this article and repair Edge browser according to this doc to see if can fix the issue.

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Yu Zhou

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Even though re-installing Edge did not solve the problem, resetting Edge did.

It was probably an extension issue. I thought I had turned off all the extensions that could be causing the problem. Some I left on because I didn't think they were connected
and they work fine for me in Chrome. Lesson learned.

Thank you very much for your help!

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First thought is malware. This would be especially true if you literally open Edge and walk away and come back a while later and a new tab is open. I'd be interested in knowing what the tabs contain, if anything. The URL or page source could provide info.

Another thought is that Edge is the default browser and something else is trying to open an HTML page which triggers a new tab.

If you're interacting with Edge when it is opening new tabs then another thought is that you're accidentally clicking a hotkey that is configured to open a new tab in Edge. But I don't know what that hotkey sequence would be for your machine.

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Thanks for your reply and suggestions.

The new tab opens a link to, which is what I set it to do when I open new tabs. Incidentally, I'm running Edge version Version 89.0.774.63 (Official build) (64-bit) on a Windows system.

Chrome is my default browser and I just use Edge for work.

Triggering a hot key is an interesting theory. I think the new tab opens whether I'm using my keyboard or not, but I'll have to monitor that over the coming days. I know Ctrl + t opens a new tab so I can rule that one out.

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If you're running Process Explorer then it supports the parent-child tree so you might also use it to see if another process is opening the window. As part of that you can also see the command line that was sent. If it were from the shell, for example, you would expect to see a URL in the command line.

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That was a good idea. I wasn't able to find the solution with Process Explorer on this occasion, but it's a useful tool.

Re-setting Edge fixed the problem. I suspect it was an issue with an extension, as I wrote my reply to YuZhou-MSFT above. I should have deactivated every extension instead of just the ones that I believed could be causing an issue.

Thank you once more for your in put and time.

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