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Azure SQL Managed Instance - General Purpose Gen5 (256 GB, 4 vCores) Cold Start Delay

I have a SQL Managed Instance (General Purpose Gen5 (256 GB, 4 vCores). I want to know if this database has a "Cold Start" delay on the first query after some idle time. If so, How can this be prevented. It sometimes takes over 1 1/2 minutes to return the first query after some period of inactivity. After that first query request comes back in seconds.

In my setup I have an AppServce API making calls to the SQL Managed Instance. We need to find a way to keep the database alive and responsive at all times. Is this possible. If so how would I do it?

Scott Witherell

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Hi Scott

We did check the policy regarding Cold Start with our product group(PG) team and conveyed this should be inspected.

They have suggested to open a support ticket which will be either resolved by CSS team or escalated to PG on-call engineers.

Please do raise the same which will provide insight into your Azure resources and share the SR number so that we can follow up with them to expedite the SR.

Navtej S

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The SR is 120060124008247

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hi @WITHERELLScott-6986,

Obviously opening a ticket will let the team the option to examine the specific subscription and track any issue if exists in the Azure side...

With that being said, the issue sound very common and i had multiple (tans) or calls from clients about the same issue without any relation to Azure Managed Instance but with all type of databases. The issue which is familiar to me and fit the description is in the application side. Meaning it is not the database that "sleep" but the service of the application (for example the IIS) which sleep

I see no point in your description which point to an issue in the database. Please confirm that this happen if you try to connect to the database using SSMS or only when you use your application. My guess at this time (without any base) is the the issue is not related to the Azure SQL Database but to the application - in this case we can solve it fast (probably)

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For example IIS has built-in configuration to make the Application Pool alive: Open IIS Manager and browse to Application Pools. Right-click on a particular Application Pool and click Advanced Settings. In the "Process Model" section, change "Idle Time-out (mintues)" to a value of your choice. A value of 0 will disable the timeout.

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This is a Azure SQL Managed Instance. I don't think IIS is involved at all. This is a PaaS.

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Thanks for sharing. Checking more regarding this.

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