How to bulk rename files in a folder

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I am requiring to bulk rename some folders in Power shell..

I am trying

rename-Item -Path  (get-childitem "\\server\Elucid\System Reporting\Maginus Reports\Chalgrove\Automated Reports\Current\").fullname -NewName (get-childitem "\\zoom-nas\Elucid\System Reporting\Maginus Reports\Chalgrove\Automated Reports\Current\").fullname + $today

Move-Item -Path  (get-childitem "\\servers\Elucid\System Reporting\Maginus Reports\Chalgrove\Automated Reports\Current\").fullname  -Destination "\\zoom-nas\Elucid\System Reporting\Maginus Reports\Chalgrove\Automated Reports\Archive"

How ever it is failing on the rename section.

The error message I am receiving is

Rename-Item : Cannot convert 'System.Object[]' to the type 'System.String' required by parameter 'Path'. Specified method is not supported.
At D:\server\MaginusScripts\Powershell\EmailChalgroveReports.ps1:8 char:20

  • ... Item -Path (get-childitem "\zoom-nas\Elucid\System Reporting\Maginu ...
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • CategoryInfo : InvalidArgument: (:) [Rename-Item], ParameterBindingException
  • FullyQualifiedErrorId : CannotConvertArgument,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.RenameItemCommand

Any help appreciated.

Windows Server PowerShell
Windows Server PowerShell
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  1. Ian Xue (Shanghai Wicresoft Co., Ltd.) 34,191 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor


    You have to copy the items, not change the fullnames. And the '-Path' parameter doesn't accept an array.

    $today = Get-Date -Format "MM-dd-yyyy"  
    $source = '\\server\Elucid\System Reporting\Maginus Reports\Chalgrove\Automated Reports\Current\'  
    $destination = '\\zoom-nas\Elucid\System Reporting\Maginus Reports\Chalgrove\Automated Reports\Current\'  
    Get-ChildItem -path $source | ForEach-Object{   
        $newname = $_.BaseName + $today +$_.Extension  
        Copy-Item -Path $_.FullName -Destination (Join-Path $destination $newname)  

    Best Regards,
    Ian Xue


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