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External Trigger for Synchronisation with other Devices

Hi all,

according to this post [1] it seems to be possible to trigger the Azure Kinect with an external signal e.g. generated by a signal generator. However, has anyone experience with synchronising the Azure Kinect with devices of different type (e.g. Kamera, Lidar,...) by means of an external trigger? Mainly: Is there a time delay between the trigger pulse and the start of the recording, that could introduce a time shift between different devices? And is there a time delay between the first trigger and the first recorded frame, i.e. something like a timing offset?

For my application synchronisation behaviour is crucial for deploying the Azure Kinect, so it would be great if someone could share his/her experience.


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@uu2021-4839 Welcome to Microsoft Q&A Platform and thanks for your query. Community Members, SME's on this topic or our team will review your scenario and circle back at the possible earliest time.

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Hello @uu2021-4839,

This query would be best served by asking it on the Azure Kinect GirHub page.

Issues · microsoft/Azure-Kinect-Sensor-SDK (

The synchronization documentation is here

Synchronize multiple Azure Kinect DK devices | Microsoft Docs

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