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Authenticate an EWS WCF service by using OAuth and refresh access token

I am trying to call Exchange web services (EWS) end points from my WCF service using OAuth authentication.
I have registered the app on Azure portal and able to generate and authenticate it using access token.

My question is about how I can refresh the token in WCF service. It seems access token has an hour validity.

  //Code to generate access token
 // Using Microsoft.Identity.Client 4.22.0
 //Get a token with app-only auth
 var cca = ConfidentialClientApplicationBuilder
 // The permission scope required for EWS access
 var ewsScopes = new string[] { "" };
 //Make the token request
 var authResult = await cca.AcquireTokenForClient(ewsScopes).ExecuteAsync();

Followed below link for this.


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