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Create multiple connections using Stream Socket

I have two separate uwp apps which run as Server and Client. I installed Server app in one machine and Client app in 3 machines. I need to share a file from Server app to Client app. When I shared the file

  • Sometimes it is not shared to all the apps.

  • Sometimes one app is crashed and closed.

  • Sometimes I get "Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted for multiple socket connections in uwp" exception when the file is not shared.

I think we can't have multiple separate sockets open on the same IP address / port.Then how can we define dynamic port range for multiple connections for above scenario?

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For your scenario, you could make a list to store all client socket, if you want to send message to all clients , you just foreach list get all client socket and the write data into output stream.

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Hi, is above comment helpful for your requirement?

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Yes, It is. Thank you.

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