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toString does not accept array types

Hi All,

Dataflows which have been working in the production environment have now started failing due to this error

(DF-FN-006 - toString does not accept array types)

This seems to be a recent change and I have quite a lot Mapping Dataflows which rely on these conversions. e.g toString(columnname)

Anyone know of a solution or workaround i can use?


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Hi @RajneelSharma-1334,

Thanks for reaching out. Could you please share some sample array type that you are trying to convert to String and expected output so that I shall try reproducing the issue?
Also please confirm if this is breaking any of your production which was working fine before?

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Hi @KranthiPakala-MSFT,

The problem seems to have resolved itself the next day. But one example would be typecasting an array type to string in the Data preview of an Mapping Dataflow.

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Hi @RajneelSharma-1334,

Glad to know that you are unblocked. It seems to be a transient issue.

In case if you notice this behavior again, I would highly to recommend to file a support ticket that way a support engineer can take deeper look into the root cause and notify the appropriate team to avoid this happening again.

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